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A full week husky safari

Do you want to enjoy the wide, open mountain plateaus and the overwhelming silence of the wilderness? 

During these tours we stay overnight in a wilderness lodge with a driving distance of about 50 kilometers, so our guests are able to enjoy hours of dog sledding with our well-trained Alaskan huskies

On the overnight tours each guest has an own husky team. There are 2-8 participants in the group.

Price. 1205 €/person

Price includes: own husky team to every participant, guidance, meals during the safari (3x lunch, 2x breakfast, 2x dinner), accommodation in a wilderness cabin, sleeping bag, towel, pillow cover.

For booking:


Phone: +47 923 71 759

The program


Day 1: Flight to Vadso

After baggage collection, you board 2 shuttles towards Nesseby, 34 km away, facing the Varanger fjord, where you will discover Jan, your musher, as well as Morgane and Lucile, who will guide you throughout your stay and explain the progress of the trip around a dinner.

Day 2: First day of sledding initiation.

You will meet the dogs, the guides will explain everything there is to know and familiarize you with the equipment and the team.

Departure: Nesseby at the cabin (in the tundra for 24 km)
A first stop after about 12 km for a lunch in the countryside.
When you arrive at the cabin, a typical Norwegian dish will await you prepared by a chef.

Day 3: The adventure continues.

You are now experienced drivers, after breakfast we will go to the mountains where we will eat in the middle of nowhere with a 360° view of the tundra. In the evening, you will build your own “snow house” for the night.

Day 4: Here we go again for the 3rd and last day of sledding.

Breakfast at the camp towards Nesseby. A barbecue will be offered to you near a lake where you can, depending on the weather conditions, ice fish.

Day 5: Day off

Several things will be offered to you
(Reindeer park, Sami museum, city tour, sea view sauna, etc.)

Day 6: Cani Rando

After breakfast, we will prepare the dogs and harnesses to go 6 km in the taiga, the meal will be taken in the Sami house and the camp in a heated tent for bed.

Day 7: Return to Cani Rando

Return to Jan's cottage after making a detour to the Nesseby church with a view of the Varanger Fjord.
The sauna will be waiting for you, you can vrelax in 60°C and jump in the snow.

Day 8: Return flight to France 

Early breakfast then transfers to Vadso

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